Healthy Breakfast Ideas: How To Get Your Kids To Eat Breakfast On School Days
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Healthy Breakfast Ideas: How To Get Your Kids To Eat Breakfast On School Days

healthy breakfast ideas - how to get your kids to eat breakfast on school days

If you are having difficulty getting your kids to eat breakfast during school days, probably it’s a wakeup call to make changes to your breakfast menu. Following is a 5-day guide to a nutritious and delicious breakfast meal.

Day 1 – Jumpstart Monday mornings with soy milk and plain cereals with a dash of cinnamon. Soy milk is loaded with good protein while plain cereals are rich in fiber. As much as possible, stay clear of flavored cereals because these usually contain unnatural ingredients that serve to enhance their flavor. For a more flavorful bowl of cereals, just sprinkle it with cinnamon or top it with fruits in season.

Day 2 – Why not have a bowl of low-fat yogurt and fresh fruits on Tuesdays? Not much food preparation is needed for this particular meal. Just slice the fruits into bite sizes then mix them with yogurt, and enjoy. Or whip the ingredients in a blender or food processor for a delicious breakfast smoothie.

Day 3 – Kids always love peanut butter sandwiches, so why not make some for them during Wednesdays? It’s so easy to prepare, just spread the peanut butter on whole wheat toast or a piece of banana. However, you need to make sure that your kids get the most benefits from peanut butter, so choose the kind that uses hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Day 4 – If baking comes second nature to you, try baking muffins or donuts using whole wheat flour and then serving them to your kids on Thursdays. Home-baked muffins or donuts make healthier alternatives to store-bought muffins and deep-fried donuts.

Day 5 – Kids may not like the idea of eating oatmeal, especially on a Friday, so give the basic oatmeal recipe a different feel. Jazz it up with banana slices, organic sugar, bits of cranberries and crushed walnuts, and then sprinkle with brown sugar.

Don’t get into the habit of serving processed foods or buying meals at fast food restaurants. While they can be convenient, they are often deep-fried in unhealthy fat, and packed with unnatural ingredients and flavor enhancers that can be very harmful to your kids’ developing organs.

These breakfast recipes prove that you can have meals that are delicious and healthy at the same time. Be a smart mom; give these recipes a try and see if you will not have your kids jumping out of bed and heading straight to the breakfast table at the first rays of the sun.

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