How to Protect Your Children from N1H1 and the Flu
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How to Protect Your Children from N1H1 and the Flu

Parents can teach creative preventative measures that take a proactive approach to fighting N1H1 and the cold and flu season.

With the increasing number of confirmed N1H1 flu cases and the onset of flu season parents may be asking how they can protect their children. Having a sick child is never a good situation and with the N1H1 virus popping up all over the country having a sick child has turned scary. Here are a few preventative measures to teach your kids that will help ease the worries that come with flu season.

Educate – Helping your kids understand germs, viruses and flu terms (such as N1H1) is a foundation for teaching preventative practices. Education lessens the “scare factor” of the flu and can help kids understand some of the things they hear in the media. With younger kids it can be as simple as explaining “icky” things that we cannot see live on our skin and can be passed onto our friends. Older kids will appreciate honest talk about what a virus is and what it does to our bodies.

Help them think outside themselves – Recently my 13 year old was at his pediatrician for his annual check up. The subject of flu shots came up and our Pediatrician explained that he found my son to be healthy and probably very resistant to the flu. You could see the satisfaction spread in my son as he, like many teens, tends to view himself as borderline invincible. Then our pediatrician interjected that the elderly people we sit next to in church were not as resistant to the flu and my son could be a carrier that infected others. This shed a whole new light on the situation for my son when it was presented in a way that made him think of others health as well as his own. As children gain understanding about how viruses infect people and how we pass them along they may get into the invincible mindset. Presenting the whole picture of how viruses affect communities may help children put forth a better effort with preventative measures.

Hand Washing – Hygiene has always been germs nemesis and our ally in fighting colds and flu. Getting children to actually wash their hands frequently is a separate battle. Basic verbiage can help get kids in the mindset of washing hands often, instead of asking “Please wash your hands before dinner” try asking “Please destroy a bazillion bacteria before dinner”. It adds purpose and hopefully a little fun to the task. As and adult you have adopted hygiene habits that come natural to you, it is instinctive to wash your hands before touching food. You have been doing it for so long it may go unnoticed, adding a verbal “Oh, I better wash my hands before peeling the potatoes.” Is a great way to verbally call attention and role model your habits to your kids.

Health – Keeping your kids healthy and strong will better your chances for avoiding colds and flu. Getting adequate rest and nutrition helps keep healthy kids healthy. Take a good look at your diets and find out if your family is getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals to keep immune systems strong. Consulting your physician is another way to make sure your doing all you can to remain healthy. You may want to address questions about flu shots and nutrition goals for your family with your physician.

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Thank you so much for sharing some great ideas of health with us, they are helpful.

I agree education and hand washing is so important. Great article, giving your some page love!