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Pediatrics & Child Health Forum & FAQ

Last answer by Sheila Peterson 70 months ago +0 votes:
I don't think it's a medical condition, but she may have some unresolved stress that causes the bed wetting.  This occurs in many children all over the world, so please don't feel alone.  Also, she can't control it otherwise she wouldn't do it.  I recommend getting her counseling to talk about her life so she can have a clear mind when she goes to sleep.  Again, it may be suppr... more
Last answer by Amera Khanam 81 months ago +2 votes:
Acccording to ADHD childparenting site: The connection between ADHD and diet is huge. Certain foods might make your child more hyperactive, thus making the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder more difficult to deal with. Many people don’t even know that a diet for ADHD children needs to be different from what most children eat in today's society. ADHD diet therapy for c... more
Last answer by Sandy Shannon 82 months ago +0 votes:
Surgery is a specialization, so going to medical school doesn't necessarily mean you will be going into surgery although doctors do usually have surgical rotations during their residencies prior to making their choices of specialization. Nurses too receive training in surgical nursing, although once you have received your degree or diploma, you don't have to go into surgical nursing. Making drugs,... more