When is It Time to Get a New Pediatrician?
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When is It Time to Get a New Pediatrician?

Reasons why you might need to get your child a new pediatrician.

Although all parents would like their pediatricians to stay with their kids throughout their childhood, sometimes it is necessary to switch doctors. There are many reasons why a parent would consider taking their child to a different doctor.

He Doesn’t Care

Even if your child’s pediatrician was great in the beginning, sometimes doctor’s get burned out. This may be reflected in your visits and he might give the impression that he does not want to be there and that he doesn’t care anymore. This is a red flag… you need your child’s doctor to be attentive and to care about your children’s health.

She Has Too Many Patients

Sometimes a doctor will try to increase revenue by taking on too many patients. When this happens, it may be difficult to get an appointment, even if it is an emergency. Your visits will be shortened because she will not have time to discuss your child’s health with you. This can be not only be frustrating for the parent, but dangerous for the child.

He Gets Angry When You Question Him

Doctors should never get angry if you disagree with a diagnosis or if you announce that you would like a second opinion. Working in the medical field is not a contest, but should be about healing the sick and mending the injured. If he gets angry if you do not agree with everything he says, you may need to find a new doctor.

Pediatricians and other doctors are not psychic… they need the patient’s and the parent’s help in figuring out what is wrong.

She Gets Upset That You Went to the Hospital

Sometimes we take our child to see a doctor and receive a diagnosis. The diagnosis may be correct, but the medication is not working, or we could receive an incorrect diagnosis. A parent will take their child to the hospital and you will follow up with their pediatrician. If she gets upset that you went to the emergency room, this is a red flag.

Doctors should review why you went to the hospital and what the outcome was and go from there. If a doctor gets upset that you took your child to the emergency room, then there is something wrong.

He Has Bad Reviews or Has Lost His License

If a doctor is suddenly getting bad reviews from many people, or has had his license suspended or revoked, then you need to stop seeing that doctor. Even if he is the best pediatrician your kid’s have ever had, a doctor cannot practice medicine legally under a suspended or revoked license. If and when he gets his license back, then you can reconsider going back to that doctor.

As far as bad reviews, there is always going to be a few people that are unhappy, but if the doctor is suddenly getting bad reviews from dozens of people, then something is wrong. Pay attention and do your homework.

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